Gruff Goat Information Services

Web Design

If you currently have a web site, we will assess its usability, navigation, speed, appearance, user interaction, and how it fits your businesses needs. For new web sites, we help you determine exactly what you want and need from the Internet.
Our web site designs encompass the overall site layout, navigation, and style; as well as laying out and designing templates for all pages within a site. GruffGoat designs all aspects of a site.
A web site needs a home, and we will help your site find its home. Since Gruff Goat offers Internet hosting, we are able to provide a high quality home for your site.We will also guide you through the domain name registration process. If you choose to use your own Internet server, Gruff Goat's Network Services can help.
GruffGoat creates all the files needed for your web site and then moves them to your chosen host. We then test every page, link, and function to insure that your site works as designed.
A well designed, properly functioning site is only the beginning. Unless you are putting a brochure on the Web, you will want to make regular changes to the site to keep it timely and interactive. GruffGoat can assist or perform these updates on a weekly or monthly basis.


How much does it cost?

The web design services cover a lot of different components which are very dependent on design choices you make. Therefore, cost can vary greatly depending on your needs. We believe it is essential to accurately assess your company and its needs. The quotes given on this price list are only for basic design services and hopefully will give you an idea of our billing. For more information on our web design services, please email

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