Gruff Goat Information Services

Web Applications

Gruff Goat is a proponent of the move to web applications. This is however a complex area that requires very clear and complete data definition, and knowledge and compliance with standards

Gruff Goat separates Web Application designs into 5 distinct objects. These objects,

  • content
    • the information that visitors come to see
  • templates
    • the formatting and presentation of your content
  • database
    • storage for your content and other objects
  • logic
    • how you determine which content to present, how to present it, and when to present it
  • gui elements
    • graphics and interface elements that provide additional usability to your applications

are combined to create a coherent, integrated web site that meets your needs and the needs of your visitors.

Gruff Goat uses MySQL, PHP, and Tomcat JSP for web application development. Gruff Goat has been involved in database and application development since inception. This is our favorite area of design and we are very competent.

Q: What are Web Applications

A: Web Applications (or web services) are software applications that are accessible via a web browser. They provide an interface for all users anywhere to interact in a meaningful way with data. Examples of web applications include:

  • Storage management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Furnishing of stock quotes
  • Online calendaring

The accelerating creation and availability of web applications is a major trend. Services previously possible only with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) are increasingly likely to become Web services. This trend is driven by the standardization and wide availability to users and businesses of the Internet.

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